Want Some Good News?

Let’s face it. Life is difficult. Don’t we all need some good news?

It goes without saying that this old world we live in has some problems. However, isn’t it true if we are honest, those problems really start with us? Think about it.

The words we use, the motives of our hearts, the wrong thoughts we have, not to mention the breaking of God’s law are problems we all face. (Romans 3:23) No matter how small the offense, we must all admit to not being perfect.

Some will say, well, they’re just small infractions. But who among us would blow their nose in a kleenex, and give it to someone and say, “Well, it’s 80 percent clean?”

This issue gets even worse, because we all know deep in our hearts that some kind of punishment is required to set things right before God. If God is just, and He is, then how do we set things right before him?

You see, the Bible clearly teaches that the punishment for all the wrong we have done is to be eternally separated from God in a place of suffering (Romans 6:23). The wages of this wrong is death because God is holy and just. He cannot allow our wrongs into heaven with Him as it would infect all of heaven, just as a virus will do in our world today. Even the smallest of viruses or wrong doing is enough to mess things up.

So where’s the “Good News,” you might ask?

Well, once we acknowledge the seriousness of the above mentioned problems, then it prepares us to hear the good news of God’s solution.

You see, that is the whole reason Jesus Christ came to earth. He came to die for all your sins even though He was perfect in every way and did not have to die. He chose to die in your place because of his great love for you. Then, on the third day He rose from the dead, proving He was both God who came in the flesh and that He has the authority to forgive all your wrongs. (1 Corinthians 15:3,4)

This leaves us with a choice, a very important choice. We can ignore all this and go about our way. Or we can try to save ourselves by being perfect, which is impossible. Or we can go the way that God leads us and wants us to respond.

Well, if we don’t want to ignore it, and we realize we can’t do it by ourselves, then exactly what is God asking us to do? This is a great question.

He wants you to respond appropriately to what He has done for you.

If He truly sent Christ to die for you and the wrong you have done, … and He did, and if He raised Him from the dead as a promise to you that you will be raised as well, … and He did, then how do you respond?

Some will say, “Well, I’ll join the church and follow all His commandments.” Really? Is that the response He is looking for?

Others will say, “Well, I’ll do all kinds of good works and trust in ME to make myself approved by God.” Really? Is that what God is asking?

The answer is quite simple and quite different from above. He is not asking us to do all that so that we can stand before Him someday in what we may think is a good and acceptable condition. That will never happen. He is asking something much more simple and yet difficult for many to grasp.

Let’s think this through together. If we have messed up, … and we have.
If there is a terrible price to pay for this … and there is, then what does God want from me?

It’s so simple a child can do it and that’s what hurts our pride. We want to say we did it or had some part in this whole matter of having our wrongs forgiven and being allowed into heaven. But that is not God’s way. He says that it is not by trusting in us or our goodness, but only by trusting in Jesus Christ who died in our place for our wrong thoughts and actions. This is what is so hard for some to grasp. God has provided this forgiveness as an absolute free gift and the only thing He asks us to do to receive it, is to put our trust in Christ, in what He has done for us.

Would you be willing to do this now? Simply say to God in the quietness of your heart that you admit to not being perfect. Maybe you haven’t robbed banks or killed anyone, but admit that you certainly aren’t perfect.

Next, tell God in the quietness of your heart that you understand the seriousness of the problem. You understand that the wrong you have done, no matter how large or small, must be paid for and this payment is to be eternally separated from Him in a place of suffering.

Then say to God that you also acknowledge that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth and died a miserable death on the cross to pay for all your wrongs and that He rose again from the dead and lives today.

Lastly, tell God, that right now, the best you know how, you are trusting in Christ alone and nothing else for the forgiveness of your wrongs. It’s that simple.

When you come to Christ with a heart of faith, He promises to forgive all your wrongs and give you as a free gift eternal life and the assurance of being with Him forever in heaven some day. Isn’t that not just good news, but great news?!

As we read in John 3:16, “For God loved the world (that’s you) so very much that He gave His only unique Son (Jesus), that whoever puts their trust in Him should not perish (spend eternity in hell) but have everlasting life.

It’s by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. What a message! What great news!

Don’t delay. Do it today.

Used by permission from Crossway International. crossway.info

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